The world of design and clients: comparing experiences

We are happy to attend the Hospitality Design Conference in Milan, a premier event dedicated to design and contract in the hospitality sector.


Our studio director, Simona Quadri, will be participating in the talk "Architects vs. Hoteliers and Managers: A Comparison of Design and Client Experiences"


During the talk, Simona will be joined by Roberta Cau, General Manager of the Urban Hive Hotel, to discuss the crucial role that design plays in the success of a hotel.
They will explore how design can positively impact a hotel's guest experience, brand identity, profitability. The talk will also delve into the potential challenges that can arise between architects and hoteliers, and provide insights and advice for both parties.
Architects will gain a deeper understanding of the needs and expectations of hoteliers, while hoteliers will learn how to effectively collaborate with architects to achieve their desired outcomes.


Hospitality Design Conference

Hotel Melià, via Masaccio, 19 - Milano 

from 9am to 6pm


Our talk will be at 3pm in the Sala Galfa.