Competition for the Italian Pavilion in Expo 2010

Shanghai - China

On the banks of the Huangpu, the Italy pavilion has a privileged setting.The view from the river and the historical city frames the building, bringing to mind 20th Century interpretations of the seaside palazzete of historic Italian cities. Water, a main element in the development of Italian culture and society, can be found in the plaza and in various spaces on the ground floor of the exposition as a physical element and cultural memory. Large basins connect the entrance to the internal development of the public functions of the space. Six cubes are suspended inside the large containers that make up the space, containing the city sections, which are the heart of the exhibition’s story (taste, style, innovation, urbanity, art and history).

Claudio Saverino, Tiziano Vudafieri
in cooperation with

Lorenzo Consalez, Marcello Rossi (Consalez Rossi Architetti Associati)


Roberta La Vena, Luca Mucciante, Cesar Mendes