Aimo e Nadia

The renovated 2 stars restaurant in Milan


There is a fine line between a desire for modernity and the focus on tradition, the anticipation of something new that still has a familiar sense of comfort about it. This is the theme of the project that Vudafieri-Saverino Partners has developed to interpret in a modern key one of the institutions of Milanese haute cuisine ennobled by 2 Michelin stars.

Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia has been given a makeover with restyled interiors and new space dedicated to workshops and master classes.

Tiziano Vudafieri and Claudio Saverino have defined an interior decoration concept with an intimate, cosy imprint, embellished at the same time with erudite quotations and small design details, where time seems to stand still and leave room to the real star of the show: the kitchen.


The project

On the back of an exceptional pedigree of defining new catering concepts (Peck CityLife, Ristorante Berton, Dry Milano, Pisacco, Kanpai...) Vudafieri-Saverino Partners has now put history, character, experience and desire to work to interpret a candid, intimate space.

The rooms retain notes from the past in order to convey a sense of continuity with the values that have made Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia a benchmark of Italian gastronomic culture. The interior design opts for the warm tones of canaletto walnut, the fabrics wrap round and decorate the space, while the colours reflect those of the Milanese residential district where the restaurant was born.


The entrance

The entrance immediately evokes the link with Milan and its history, with a highly original 1950s bar designed by Osvaldo Borsani. The wooden structure and the marble of the counter are in refined contrast with the silvery hues of the wing and the blue background that recalls the logo of the restaurant and lends depth to the room. The space is completed by velvet poufs and a large round fabric chandelier. 

The dove-grey and blue walls are decorated with full height canaletto walnut strips that add rhythm to the space, hiding openable doors and storage cupboards.


The rooms

The strips in canaletto walnut also define the rooms, embellishing the walls and creating new plays of light and shade, favoured by the changes in section. Wood also features heavily in the windows, covering the upholstery and creating a frame around them, like in the old Milanese houses in the district.

The linen-effect warm white wallpaper envelops the space while iconic mirrors with irregular shapes - two unique pieces by Giampiero RomanĂ² - lend a touch of irony and lightness to the rooms.

The wooden and fabric chairs, designed specifically for the restaurant, bring to mind Milanese design of the ‘50s and come in three different shades of green and blue.

A series of photographs of Aimo and Nadia and their restaurant from the beginnings hang in the long corridor that distributes the spaces. A major part of the wall shows documents, letters and telegrams sent over the years by illustrious and unknown guests expressing their thoughts, compliments, emotions and thanks on the occasion of the awarding of the Ambrogino d'Oro.


The Theatre of flavours

The modernity of the project is also pursued in the creation of a new space: the Theatre of flavours. A place in the Place where ingredients and local raw materials take the spotlight in meetings and master classes.

While the interior design project aimed to create a neutral, relaxing atmosphere in the rooms so that the focus was more on the gastronomic experience, for the Theatrum the aim was to enhance the convivial aspect of the space, through the choice of strong materials and colours.

The space is dominated by the imposing cedar wood table with iron base, and two lighting installations - designed by Vudafieri Saverino Partners - which are reflected in the magnificent Arclinea kitchen.

The installations are characterised by copper sheets acting as a unifying element between the two main areas of the space. From the first sheet - positioned above the table - hang numerous Antonangeli lamps, while from the second - in the kitchen - hang three luminous objects covered in copper leaves and created ad hoc, again by Antonangeli.


Vudafieri-Saverino Partners, Tiziano Vudafieri e Claudio Saverino


Alice Brunello


Santi Caleca