Restaurant, the fourth room of Fab Food - The new spaces and rituals, shows the place par excellence of the culinary ritual.⁣ The environment, with natural materials and warm textures, is a space dedicated to good food and conviviality, with three different areas representing different ways of sharing the gastronomic experience: Slow Good, Cook & Share and Eat Alone.⁣


The Decor Restaurant is a parallel restaurant, real in the first intention, in which the Mediterranean East collection created by Richard Ginori becomes theatrical, becoming an overwriting of the rich decorated walls of Palazzo Bovara.


Visit the digital exhibition at this link.

From an idea by Elle Decor Italia

Project by Vudafieri-Saverino Partners

Digital Design 150 UP

Landscape Design Marco Bay

Food Advisor Sonia Massari

Styling Elisa Musso

Graphic Design Designwork

Exhibition Design coordination Marina Cinciripini

Restaurant Decor
Restaurat Decor plan and sections