Buccellati Fine Jewellery

General design concept and store design 


The new store concept blends tradition, modernity and conveys Buccellati’s history by using subliminal messages. While bringing the brand forward the space continues to maintain a number of aspects from previous concepts. The seamless combination of traditional and contemporary design elements include a dark wood flooring set in the classic Versailles pattern and vertical brushed oak striped walls alternate with new “super minimal” display cases. The furniture and seating, sofas and chairs, are produced by renowned Italian furniture design firms.


Bal Harbour - Basel - Cala Di Volpe - Capri - Chicago - Couchevel - Lyon - Maastricht - Milan - New York - Palm Beach - Paris - San Francisco - Seoul


Tiziano Vudafieri, Claudio Saverino

Anna Petrara, Sabrina Sala

Roberta La Vena, Alice Brunello

Donna Dotan Buccellati New York

Buccellati Chicago
Buccellati New York