The second room of Fab Food. The new spaces and rituals is Future Market, dedicated to tomorrow's food story.

A sort of supermarket where the most interesting scenarios of scientific food research and food design are narrated in museum display cases.

We wanted to create a hybrid space, halfway between a laboratory, a market, a cabinet de curiosity where to suspend new foods. A place to reflect on current and future trends and ask ourselves if we really are ready to change our habits by introducing new proteins, such as insects, algae, lichens, synthetic food, etc.


Visit the digital exhibition at this link.

From an idea by Elle Decor Italia

Project by Vudafieri-Saverino Partners

Digital Design 150 UP

Landscape Design Marco Bay

Food Advisor Sonia Massari

Styling Elisa Musso

Graphic Design Designwork

Exhibition Design Coordination Marina Cinciripini