Abitare Milano

Public social housing

Milan - Italy

Consalez Rossi Architects, in co-operation with Vudafieri-Saverino Partners, won the pubblic competition organized by the City of Milan to design a social housing project in north-east Milan.


The design area is a connection and integration between the park and the city with two major visual and functional elements: the apartments’ tower at street level and the horizontal building including a Turkish bath, café, market and parking area near the park. The project is crossed by a green and wide path to access four other lower adjoining residential blocks. Both the tower and the lower buildings have been designed with complex yet rigorous structures in order to offer a great deal of flexibility. With a fixed core of services, the apartments are combined with sliding layout, empty volumes and additions of green spaces.



Vudafieri-Saverino Partners, Claudio Saverino and Tiziano Vudafieri
in cooperation with

Consalez Rossi Architetti Associati, Lorenzo Consalez , Marcello Rossi, Francesca Perruzzotti and Andrea Starr Stabile 


Alberto Belli, Sabrina Sala

Manuela Rovito, Matteo Fieni

Chiara Fiore (Consalez Rossi Architetti Associati)

Elena Gelmetti (Consalez Rossi Architetti Associati)

Enrico Scaramellini (Consalez Rossi Architetti Associati)

Camilla Vecchi  (Consalez Rossi Architetti Associati)

Chiara Fiore (Consalez Rossi Architetti Associati)

Salvatore Cappello (render)

Digierre3 (mep consultant)

Orpe (structural consultant)


Santi Caleca