A future-oriented urban living model in China

Delvaux Le 27 takes the cover of the Belarussian design magazine

VSP designs the VIP Lounge of the Art Fair in Turin

A pan-asiatic restaurant in Porta Venezia, Milan

A cafe restaurant in Islington, London

The new flagship in Montecarlo 

The first Delvaux boutique in Rome

“I Maestri dell’Architettura” Collector’s Edition by Hachette 

The renovated 2 stars restaurant in Milan

Delvaux New York on the cover of VMSD

Kindergarten in Shenzhen and Suzhou, China

Delicatessen, restaurant, wine bar, cocktail bar 

Furniture multi-brand showrooms in China

VSP signs the design for the VIP Lounge and the SOUND Exhibition

The new boutique in Via Bagutta