Our idea of a hospitality experience in a mountain environment


A project to enhance a historic place deeply rooted in a special region, South Tyrol, which is characterised by a strong local culture and, at the same time, a great opening towards innovation and the contemporary.

An idea of an 'open hotel' by transforming what are considered simple facilities of traditional hotels into places of sociability connected with external guests and the local community.

A focus on the design of relationships through the creation of a place that guarantees an accurate and high-level but informal service, without barriers between staff and guests. 


The design, the choice of materials and finishes, and the furnishings recall the dialectical spirit between tradition and contemporaneity. On the one hand, rough woods such as larch and fir, antique South Tyrolean doors, and local split stone and marble tell of the deep connection with the territory; on the other hand, velvets, natural brass, and golden glass refer to contemporary but timeless design codes.


Vudafieri-Saverino Partners, Tiziano Vudafieri e Claudio Saverino


Carlotta Ferro Garel, Caterina Mancuso, Nicolò Spina, Elisa Zhu


Ballabeni Catellani Studio Associato