A new Peck store in Tuscany 

The first digital exhibition of Elle Decor Italia by VSP

A new concept for the hotel in Porta Nuova District, Milan 

The new dehors of Peck in the heart of City Life

Restaurant and winery in Porta Venezia district

A pan-asiatic restaurant in Porta Venezia, Milan

A cafe restaurant in Islington, London

The renovated 2 stars restaurant in Milan

Delicatessen, restaurant, wine bar, cocktail bar 

A new boulangerie in Milan

A new restaurant in the heart of Milan

Cocktails & Pizza in Porta Venezia 

Gourmet restaurant in Bretagne

Restaurant in Milan.

Gourmet restaurant

Cocktails & Pizza - Via Solferino

Fusion restaurant

General design concept and store design

Bar & store design concept 

Luxury hotel on the seaside