A concept for the new restaurant in Milan

A tribute to Gaspare Campari in our new concept 

The new hotel concept in the Brera district

The new Falkensteiner Montafon family hotel in Austria

Our idea of a hospitality experience in a mountain environment

The new bistrot by Pierre Baldelli in Montecarlo 

A Thai food experience in Shanghai and Chengdu, China

A new concept for a restaurant in Qingdao, China

Bar-bistro installation for Rossana Orlandi exhibition

A new bar in Venice for the iconic Campari brand 

A new Peck store in Tuscany 

Concept for the hotel in Porta Nuova District, Milan 

Two restaurants for the chefs Pierre Gagnaire and Nicole Rubi

The first digital exhibition of Elle Decor Italia by VSP

The new dehors of Peck in the heart of City Life

Restaurant and winery in Porta Venezia district

A pan-asiatic restaurant in Porta Venezia, Milan

A cafe restaurant in Islington, London

The renovated 2 stars restaurant in Milan

Delicatessen, restaurant, wine bar, cocktail bar 

A new boulangerie in Milan

A new restaurant in the heart of Milan

Cocktails & Pizza in Porta Venezia 

Gourmet restaurant in Bretagne

Restaurant in Milan.

Gourmet restaurant

Cocktails & Pizza - Via Solferino

Fusion restaurant

General design concept and store design

Bar & store design concept