The first digital exhibition of Elle Decor Italia by VSP


Fab Food. The new spaces and rituals is a narrative experience that includes a variety of contents and suggests future trends, experiments and solutions related to the world of food, a rich and complex theme very close to us: food is our passion, personal even before professional. We work in drawing relationships, not only between places of life, between forms, between spaces and objects, but especially between people.


The concept of the exhibition underwent a long initial phase of study. We wanted to build a light story but at the same time all-round: cultural, ethical, sociological - great themes that underlie the whole exhibition path - and finally the design, considering it as a design strategy for the future.


The exhibition - conceived as linear, but also freely navigable - begins with the Labyrinth that shows a new quality of urban space and a green enviroment surrounded by lush plants, all edible.


The second section, Future Market, is a sort of futuristic supermarket where you can discover the new frontiers of tomorrow's food and food design.

In the next room, dedicated to the Tribes, three domestic interiors narrate different food approaches recognisable in  Green eaters, Future foodies and Food geeks.


The next part of the exhibition is dedicated to places for the consumption of food, private and public. We immediately meet the Home, understood as the domestic dimension of food with increasingly fluid and less specialized eating environments.

At the end of the path we have the Restaurant, the place par excellence of the culinary and socializing ritual. This section represents three trends: the more convivial Cook & Share version, and the new formal restaurant experiences without tablecloths and menu hierarchies, Slow good and Eat Alone. To close this space we find the Decor restaurant, with a spectacular installation realized in collaboration with Richard Ginori.


Visit the digital exhibition at this link.

From an idea by Elle Decor Italia

Project by Vudafieri-Saverino Partners

Digital Design 150 UP

Landscape Design Marco Bay

Food Advisor Sonia Massari

Styling Elisa Musso

Graphic Design Designwork

Exhibition Design Coordination Marina Cinciripini


Slow Good and Eat Alone restaurants
Decor restaurant