Appiano - Italy
2018 - Ongoing

This new headquarter building is an opportunity to deeply rethink the quality of workplace. The project modifies the headquarter already existing, starting from the redefinition of property boundaries because of a new surrounding road layout. The main aim of the project is transforming the landscape into an important quality element for the workplace.


The shape of the new building is a clean parallelepiped with strongly tapered corner, in order to increase the visibility and the view, which lay on and wedge into the hill. It will be an high quality standard and clarity architecture, with a warm and welcolming inner core, made by natural materials such as wood and stone, while the exterior façade will be in grey concrete, glass and metal.


Vudafieri-Saverino Partners, Claudio Saverino and Tiziano Vudafieri 

Elisa Zhu, Ioana Leordean