Volturno 33

A residential skyscraper in Milan

Milan - Italy

A small but significant building in a neighbourhood undergoing a great change on the Garibaldi Isola (island) district, which is no longer an island. It now looks out towards the Fashion City and the centre of Milan.


Volturno 33 was an important historical symbol in Milanese politics. It has now changed its function, growing taller and shedding its old look, without forgetting about the teachings of Milanese rationalism of the great masters.


Vudafieri-Saverino Partners, Claudio Saverino and Tiziano Vudafieri


Massimo Nebuloni, Roberta La Vena, Luca Mucciante, Raffaella Barbera

Licia Belfi, Cesar Mendes

Paolo Giustini (mep consultant)

Filippo Romano

Paolo Valentini