Private art gallery

Milan - Italy

A contemporary art gallery for a private collector that incorporates three architectural styles in one courtyard. The story to tell is of Place: on the outskirts of town at the town at the beginning of the last century, today it is almost within the confines of the center. Three architectural styles that speak of Milan: a small laboratory from the end of the 19th Century with a large wisteria outside, a wooden shack/warehouse and the functional architecture of the 1950s. The shack and the 1950s architecture have been given a redesign using that sort of “unconscious rationalism” that is the quality characteristic of Milan post-WWII. The project brought together an urban landscape that belongs to the memory of this city. The gallery features personal exhibitions as well as pieces from the owner’s private collection.


Tiziano Vudafieri, Claudio Saverino

Santi Caleca