Matahari Terbit

A new jewellery factory in Bandung

Bandung - Indonesia

A jewellery manufacturing industry which needed to expand into a new adjacent site. The project serves not only for a quantitative increase but mainly for brand re-invention through a radical transformation of production strategies, business and communication.

It gives the idea of a “garden style” factory. Through large windows protected from the sun’s rays the landscape of water and green is always present as a strong and powerful element. A concept of total quality: of the product and its narrative, of its architectural and open spaces and the sustainable quality of the production processes and working conditions.


Claudio Saverino, Tiziano Vudafieri

Carlo Rivi, Elisa Zhu

Alessandra Bottiroli, Alberto Bruseghin

Alessandro Ferrari (maquette)

Wolf-VA (render)

Greenville Kw (sustainability and energy consultant)

Orostudio (industrial consultant)