Company new headquarters

Shanghai - China

In this ambitious headquarters project, all restaurants, bars, bookstores, sport and fitness areas, hotels, museums and shops are not only open to the seven thousand employees but also to members of the public.

A new model where work, relationships and environmental qualities are strongly redefined using sustainable architecture with low environmental impact. 

Vudafieri-Saverino Partners, Claudio Saverino and Tiziano Vudafieri
in cooperation with Consalez Rossi Architetti Associati, Lorenzo Consalez, Marcello Rossi and Claudio Scaramellini


Roberta La Vena, Licia Belfi, Salvatore Cappello

Zhao Yuan Chen, Yu Jun Chung

Antonio Fontana, Cesar Mendes, Luca Mucciante

Alessandra Scaramellini (Consalez Rossi Architetti Associati)

Andrea Starr Stabile (Consalez Rossi Architetti Associati)

Camilla Vecchi (Consalez Rossi Architetti Associati)

Studio FM Milano Srl (graphic design)

Favero e Milan Ingegneria Spa (engineering consultant)

Alessandro Rogora (energy and environmental consultant)

Luigi Bertazzoni (feng shui consultant)

ProMEV, Fabio Loda, Luca Trussoni (maquette)