A new living concept for Rosa Alpina Leading Hotels

San Cassiano in Badia, Dolomiti - Bolzano
Rosa Alpina Hotel

The studio renews its collaboration with the Rosa Alpina Hotel SPA, a bona-fide symbol of Alto Adige hospitality excellence for the new Penthouse, 160 plus square metre. Located in the heart of the Dolomites, in the suggestive San Cassiano village in Alta Badia, the structure is one of The Leading Hotels of the World, boasting a three-star Michelin restaurant internally and an ample, recently-refurbished SPA area.

The new structure is situated on the fourth floor of the Engelstrakt wing, and is composed of three suites, a large lounge with glass panel windows overlooking the mountains, fireplace, bar and kitchen area. Bright, open spaces which thanks to the extraordinary view of the majestic Dolomite peaks, enable the nature and the surrounding landscape to be enjoyed even when inside.

The new penthouse’s pride and joy is the private wellness area which faces directly onto the mountain views, a unique experience which refreshes both body and mind.

Tiziano Vudafieri and Claudio Saverino have carried out a reinterpretation of tradition, putting in place an elegant mix between the location’s identity, traditional materials and contemporary design elements. Hence, among the items of furniture, design objects which give a touch of colour and sophisticated elegance to rooms dominated by wood and traditional materials used in mountain building construction.

Tiziano Vudafieri, Claudio Saverino

Thomas Pedrazzini, Sabrina Sala