Furniture multi-brand showrooms in China

Shanghai, Shenzhen, Kunming
2017 - 2018

The project of this Italian furniture brands mall takes inspiration from Italian lifestyle, the Italian passion for beauty and style and the high craftmanship. It gave a soul, a suitable space to host some of the most exclusive Italian brands using an architectonical Italian code to represent the values of the showroom.


The round arches are an iconic symbol of the Italian architecture, in contrast with the pointed arches, developed in France in the gothic period, and they represent one of the purest structural elements ever created. Their rhythm defines the main grey marble arcade, generating an elegant invite for the customers to approach the outdoor windows, with the sensation to be somewhere else, in a space that gives the customers the perfect spot for the products of Glory Casa.

The interior facades of the showrooms are refined in a Bassorilievo style to optimize the occupied surface of the passages inside the Macalline mall. The idea was to preserve a certain level of privacy and exclusivity, generating a façade with full glass windows, interrupted by marble logo walls and arched marble walls.


Glory Casa showroom contains the brands preserving its own image and DNA: the customer in this way recognizes the level of the showroom and its exclusivity.

Vudafieri-Saverino Partners, Claudio Saverino and Tiziano Vudafieri


Sean Gotha, Stefano Piontini, Kun Yang, Ana Arango, Iris Cai