A look at art, landscape, architecture in Bretagne, France.

Vudafieri-Saverino Partners has collaborated in Cantiere 2 / Harbor - by the artist Roberto Coda Zabetta - to deepen the relationship between landscape, nature and inspiration: in search of new languages and contaminations between architecture and art. A complicity that has been articulated along all the phases of the project, from the first magical intuition, to the inspections, to the organization necessary for the final execution. 


"The act we do is look, and through the gaze things change. Art is one of the raw materials with which we design our architecture: nourishment for our imagination. Cantiere 2 / Harbor feeds our thirst for inspiration and allows us to observe the relationship between painting, architecture, natural environment and landscape. Looking from a distance and reflecting on everything." Tiziano Vudafieri and Claudio Saverino


The project in Portivy, Bretagne, concerns the realisation of a great intervention in the port of the small town. The entirety of the area has been prepared with a detailed cleaning using a hydro-cleaner, afterwards, on the dam, on the wall and on the port drops, layers of ‘matter’ using natural pigments, oyster dust, fish glue and Airlite paint, the leading company in the production of paints and pigments at zero environmental impact.
On the first layer of white matter, additional pictorial layers has been applied with the use of an air compressor.
The sea and the time will dissolve this big ephemeral artwork, animated by the energy of nature and respectfully realised for its surrounding environment.