A great acknowledgement at the 196+ forum conference 2023

The Falkensteiner Hotel Montafon wins the "Hotel Property Award" 2023 impressing the jury with its sustainable construction and innovative architecture, which reflects the region's unique features throughout the entire building.


The 196+ forum Munich is a European conference for hotel and real estate experts and has been an annual fixture for networking and professional exchange in the field of hotel properties since 2002. Additionally, the 196+ forum annually honors the "Hotel Property Award." This prestigious award goes to the hotel that stands out in terms of architecture, design, and innovation


Exceptional architecture with regional elements.


The architecture of the Falkensteiner Hotel Montafon is credited to the architects at Studio Snohetta Innsbruck. The building consists of four levels, utilizing the slope of the mountain. It comprises two complexes connected by a central section – an atrium housing the lobby, bar, and ample play space, making it the focal point of activity.

"The construction of a centrally located common area of the hotel, with two diagonally placed wings of rooms, and the successful integration of the building complex into the topography of the sloping terrain, particularly impressed the jury," noted Andreas Martin, Jury Chairman of the Awards.


The region also plays a significant role in our interior design project. One of the main inspirations was the traditional Montafon Schragazu – a free-standing fence where the wooden components are assembled without nails, which can be found in various forms throughout the hotel. Additionally, the architecture of typical Montafon mountain huts and the nature-conscious three-tier economic cycle served as influences for the interior of the building.

"The understated architecture with many unique details and the breathtaking views from all rooms impressed us," said Mary Noonan, Director Design and Projects Europe at Adina Hotels. "The high-quality execution with a lot of wood has created a special atmosphere of modern coziness. The focus on families also convinced us."