Projects, key players and stories about hospitality

Hotel Doman magazine ceates Tales of Welcoming to celebrate its first 50 years.

At BASE Milan, on 15 November frm 2.30pm, Italian hospitality will be on stage, an afternoon of reflections and discussions on the form and substance of hosting.

Claudio Saverino will be a featured speaker with the talk 'Between culture and society: the new dimension of the hotel'. 


The event will be about spectacular architecture, respect for history, and the ability to combine the demands of both leisure and business guests.

Hotels that create original and interesting trends, involving the city in their idea of hospitality, will be presented. 

Architects and principals will be the protagonists of this event, and will reveal the behind-the-scenes stories behind the hospitality made in Italy that nourish it, make it grow and renew it continuously.


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