Fashion store - Brussels Flagship Store


The new Delvaux flagship has been designed with an entirely new, unique custom-designed concept by Vudafieri-Saverino Partners. The main goal and the attitude of this project has been putting together an extremely contemporary design in a historical environment. Laid out on two floors, structurally, Le 27 has conserved the original typology of its handsome walls beneath four-metre high ceilings.

Everything is a contemporary interpretation and a celebration of the early period of the modern design that was so important in Belgian 20th century culture.


Wall displays are conceived as abstract paintings, and their design is a homage to the De Stijl / Mondrian pattern. Their rather classical, symmetrical installation is balanced by light-grey coloured vertical bands, a “wrong”, disrespectful interpretation of the classical attitude to colours of the baroque period, yet close to (again) the De Stijl period.

The wall panels combine with very pure, sleek cupboards and wall consoles, designed as a combination of asymmetrical, minimal forms, but enhanced by the use of precious materials more common in furniture design during the art-deco period, such as marble or polished nickel.

Both wall panels and cupboards feature extremely well crafted details, a subliminal remainder not only to the tradition of the modern design masters but also to Delvaux’s unique savoir-faire and attention to details.

The combination of the apparently “poor” material and finishes of the Mondrian-esque wall displays, the rich, bourgeois finishes of the cupboards, and the out-centred coloured stripes, disrespectful of the classical spaces, is a balanced cohabitation between classic and modern, order and disorder, rule and exception.


Vudafieri-Saverino Partners, Tiziano Vudafieri and Claudio Saverino
Elena Pessina, Elena Salvaterra, Alice Brunello, Constanza Mellado


Santi Caleca