General design concept and store design

2012 - Ongoing

Delvaux, founded in Brussels in 1829, is the oldest luxury leather goods brand in the world. Global expansion has been a constant goal for the Maison, which, from Brussels, has opened stores almost all over the world.


Based on a strong relationship with the client through continuous exchanges between art, architecture and design, and the enhancement of different sensibilities - since 2012, Vudafieri-Saverino Partners has signed the Delvaux global concept in its entirety, giving shape to spaces where the Maison's products dialogue with refined elements of a museum-like flavour.


The design of the stores interpret the context and traditions of the city in which they are located, using an ever-changing language: they are unique spaces, precisely because of their ability to adapt to the style and history of their location.

However, their features remain uniform enough to be recognizable, and express the brand's contemporary creativity in the world through a welcoming atmosphere characterised by elegant, clean lines, soft colours from which accents of colour emerge, references to classicism, and pure luminosity that draws the clients attention to the Delvaux bags and accessories.


The retail environments are intended to be understated as well as surprising, just as Belgium is: tied to tradition and origins, but also open minded and inclined to positive contamination.



Tiziano Vudafieri, Claudio Saverino
Elena Pessina, Constanza Mellado,
Alice Brunello, Roberta Lavena, Elena Salvaterra


Santi Caleca

Delvaux Bruxelles, Le 27
Delvaux Beijing, Sanlitun
Delvaux Paris, Palais Royale
Delvaux Paris, Palais Royale
Delvaux Londo, Bond Street
Delvaux Dubai
Delvaux Rome