The first Delvaux boutique in Rome


The new Delvaux boutique recalls the spirit of an ancient Roman house, reinterpreted with irony and in a modern key.

The leit motif of this new flagship store is the Domus Romana, the typical house inhabited by the upper classes in the ancient Rome. The concept arises from the equivalence between the boutique plan and the layout of the traditional Roman homes, articulated between: Atrium (entrace), Tablinum (living room), Peristilum (the private, inner courtyard) and Triclinum (formal dining room). A succession of areas from public to more and more intimate: the result is a shopping experience that offers a progressive sense of exclusivity.


The iconic Delvaux wardrobe - whose forms, colours and volumes are reinterpreted differently depending on the store where is located - has been revisited under the inspiration of the Baroque architecture of Borromini. A choice that, together with the use of a gold background, is a homage to the Eternal City.


The result is a store with a distinctive, warm and friendly personality, full of references and citations that lead guests to discover the collections as well as Delvaux’s belgitude.


Vudafieri-Saverino Partners, Tiziano Vudafieri and Claudio Saverino
Roberta Lavena, Elena Pessina, Vanessa Ramponi, Elena Salvaterra 


Santi Caleca